Author: Mbard
Story Title: Is That Cash Or Charge?
Characters: Xena/f
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In her bad old days Xena decides to do a little "shopping" for someone to occupy her time in between armies.
This rating is for explicit f/f sex, bdsm, potentially non-consensual sex and sexual violence.

DISCLAIMER: MCA own Xena not me. I intended no harm, infringement of rights or bad karma in writing this story. Everything else in this is mine, especially the girl, so please don't sneak off with her without permission.

WARNING: Explicit female/female sex with bdsm, potentially non-consensual sex and sexual violence. Okay a few useful tips to get you through this. It isn't set in any time frame the show covered, its when Xena was in her badass I'm-gonna-let-you-bleed phase with nary a blonde bard in sight. Oh and she gets down and dirty with a helpless type, yikes! Look away now if you are squeamish!!

Further comments: I always wondered what it would be like to get Xena all hot and nasty, call me perverted if you like, so with encouragement from Miss Kitty I went and found out.

Most important comment: DO NOT READ IN A PUBLIC PLACE!! I really recommend you read this in the comfort of your own home, and preferably on a wipe-clean surface. My computer short-circuited when I wrote it so take the hint

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Is That Cash Or Charge?

The cheers and catcalls of the crowd rose to a feverish pitch as another item came up for sale. The noise was amazing to hear, coming from what appeared to be such a quiet, small village. But appearances can be deceptive at times, as the dark woman who stood in the shadows towards the back had quickly found out. She'd been riding by on her magnificent black war-horse, bored as usual because there were no villages to raid, or travellers to rob, or soldiers to kill. She was on some downtime between armies, preferring for the time being at least to be somewhat a lone wolf in the arena of terror and fear that was gripping these tumultuous times of the Greek countryside. And even fighting alone, the warrior woman had inflicted more damage and harm than ten of Ares' best warlords put together. She'd intended to do something along those lines when she came across this quaint little town, tucked up in the hills behind Pythos, wheat and barley swaying in the wind as she rode the one-cart dirt track into the village. She surmised there wouldn't be much in the way of opposition when she galloped the last league into town, smashing what she could on her way of the outer huts, demanding payment and maybe a barrel or two of port for leaving the rest of the village in one piece. Or at least that had been the plan until she saw the fields deserted when they should have been brimming with people bringing in the harvest. And then the loud calls and shouts from somewhere in the village had made the warrior re-think her line of attack completely, now she was more curious to see what would make a farming village forget about farming. She'd quickly discovered that this was no ordinary farming village, and the urge to plunder and pillage it had been quickly replaced by an entirely different, but no-less violent urge within the tall dark woman.

"Do I hear fifteen dinars?" A large man with an ostentatious purple tunic was banging his little hammer again, his booming voice managing to rise over the din of customers before him.

A hand went up in the crowd, and Purple Guy nodded the acknowledgement before asking for a higher price still.

"We have fifteen, do I hear twenty?"

It had been going on like this for at least an hour Xena thought. The fat guy in the purple get-up sure knew his crowd as he hadn't sold anything for less than one hundred dinars yet, and that was a lot for men and women on a farmers wage to part with when the object in question wasn't a new ox for their farm. Sure enough, the keen blue eyes of the warrior caught sight of a succession of hands going up, driving the price for the scrawny little thing up there on the platform to an over-valued fifty-five dinars.

"Sold to the gentleman with one eye." Purple Guy banged his hammer again and the deal was done. Xena allowed a small, contemptible grin to form on her otherwise stoic features. The new owner of the scrawny creature that was so far the lowest price of the day, was no more a gentleman than he was able to see out of that mashed left eye of his, but by the lascivious look in his good eye he hadn't made a purchase that would help him with the heavy lifting at harvest time. His purchase would stay much closer to home than that.

'What a good idea.'

Xena's grin grew into a feral snarl as she made a quick check of how many dinars she had left after her last raid a week ago, a hundred exactly. That wouldn't buy her much she considered, a scowl now joining her tanned, pointed features. And for what Xena had in mind, she needed something a little sturdier than the brittle rakes Purple Guy had been trawling out for them all afternoon.

She scanned the crowd again. Mostly farmers, no threat there. Some heavier men stood near the platform, probably Purple Guy's muscle Xena thought, and looked closer to see what weapons they carried. Nothing that could cause any damage, not even a nick, cudgels and hammers seeming to be the weapon of choice in these parts. Her sly grin was back, eyebrows lifted into a serene arc; accept there was nothing serene about Xena. She could crack a man's skull with one stroke of the round weapon that swung at her hip; could split a man in two with the sharpness of her sword and the strength of her sword arm; had been known to break every bone in an enemy's body when the only thing that was at hand was a fallen log from a tree. And that was what she could do when she had a weapon to fight with. It was vicious, stomach churning, and savage what she's been known to do fighting with her bare hands. As she surveyed the muscle at the platform one more time, and the soft, placid faces of the crowd Xena decided that if the price were too high for her she'd still walk away with a sale that afternoon. She had her cold heart set on it.

And her cold hard heart saw exactly what it wanted when the cobalt eyes drifted back to the platform, the next item for sale being led by a chain around her neck to take centre stage and await her fate.

She couldn't be much more than 18 summers old, or at least Xena hoped she wasn't much more than that. There was that freshness to her skin, she'd probably come from a farming village not unlike this one as that kind of clear complexion only comes from working out in the fields all day. Her red hair was probably lighter than it looked now, a sheen of grime and grease clung to it as it had the rest of the women sold that day. The obvious curls hung down under the weight of the dirt, and the length was also deceptive. Once washed and dried it would be just the right length to grab in a handful and yank back painfully hard. To accompany the red hair and the curls were deep brown eyes that seemed to hold an edge of defiance in them, sealing the whole package beautifully. The dark warrior could see all this from her secluded place at the back, but she wanted to see more. Wanted to be sure of what she was buying and of how she was going to get it out of here should her payment methods be rejected.

Without drawing attention to herself, Xena effortlessly moved past the jostling crowd, holding her breath and her temper in when she caught the stench of some of them. Not the cleanest of people, she realised, sidestepping a huge woman with a screaming child suckled to her gigantic breast. An odd thing to bring to a human auction Xena imagined, but then realised that the entire village had come out to watch this spectacle, a family treat for all said the posters tacked up. And there was certainly a treat laying in wait on that platform ahead. Xena turned from the mother-with-child and as if she'd been there from the beginning, suddenly appeared in the front line of the crowd. One hand at her hip ready for her sword should she need it, a determined expression on her sculpted features for the bidding to commence.

"Lets start the bidding at 10 dinars." Purple Guy's booming voice drew quiet amongst the crowd once more and immediately a man to Xena's left raised his hand to accept the bid.

He'd started the bidding off low either because the beauty up on stage was carrying syphilis and those kind of details have to be disclosed with the asking price, or this was his prize catch of the day and Purple Guy wanted to get the most out of this crowd of simpletons that were held in childlike awe of him. Xena had seen his type before, tricky slippery wagon salesman in the larger cities, the pompous self-important arms dealers she has done business with from time to time. And auctioneers who are in it for the money, to Tartarus with what happens to the merchandise after its been sold. Whilst she agreed with their no-questions-asked policy, she hated having to pay such cretins for the services they provided at extortionate rates. Just like Fatso now was trying to do. The feral smile crossed her features for a moment then was gone. She'd play along for now, but she didn't have any intention of paying for what she wanted that day. Or asking nicely if it came down to it.

"Do we have 20 dinars?"

Least he was going up in tens to speed things along, Xena thought as she caught Fatso's eye and simply nodded her acceptance.

He seemed surprised that a woman had entered the bidding, up till now it had been a straightforward auction, the men bidding for the women and vice versa. But hey, this is Greece after all, if you can't catch some action with your own sex here then where can you? The Purple Guy laughed at his own mental joke and continued with the bidding.

This particular item was creating quite a stir amongst the bidders. Xena was competing with at least two men she had a visual on and another one behind her that she'd managed a quick glance at once. She figured the two to her left were going to give up soon, they'd already looked nervous round the fifty dinar mark and now the bid had reached ninety and just as she suspected, neither of them rose their hand to accept it. So it was just between herself and the man at the back of her, which was the only disadvantage she held right now. Unable to see her opponent clearly always made Xena uneasy, she had to rely on the expressions of Fatso up front and the harder to reach eyes of the girl on sale to determine who exactly she was up against.

Blue eyes nodded ascent when the bid reached a hundred, then scowled as the bid was raised by her adversary from behind. One hundred and ten, fine by Xena, considering she wasn't going to be paying it anyway, but still the man from behind insisted on raising the stakes. This was getting tedious and trying the warrior's patience. The more she bid for the girl up there, the more she wanted her. And that want was very likely to turn to violence sooner than she needed it to if this fruitless bidding war continued. This had to end in her favour, and it had to end now.

"Two hundred dinars."

Her deep voice seemed to ricochet off the stonewalls of the huts and echo back around the crowd. There were gasps of surprise and mutterings all around her, Fatso was elated up on stage, it was the highest he'd gotten for a sale in a long time, and from the girl in question a confused, questioning look crossed features that had been otherwise neutral through the entire bidding.

Why did the tall dark imposing woman want her so much?

There was silence once again in the crowd as all those gathered waited to see if the dark woman's generous bid could be matched by her competitor, who was suddenly less inclined to put his money where his mouth had been leading up till now. He looked deflated and annoyed that a woman should have beaten him, but as he considered challenging the point he received a cold hard stare from cobalt eyes that stopped him dead in his tracks. He could see his life slipping away from him if he so much as raised a finger to object so went with what many in similar situations to him have done when faced with the warrior Xena, accepted defeat and walked away.

Purple Guy banged his hammer once more and the deal was sealed.

"Going for two hundred dinars to the beautiful lady at the front." False sincerity dripped from his mouth as he ended the bidding for that day, Xena cursed him with a contemptible eye. That's going to cost you a few broken bones, she thought as she followed Fatso to finalise their transaction.


Money was exchanged in a makeshift tent behind the platform, big enough to just fit Fatso, the merchandise and the buyer, Xena noted as she stood in line waiting for her turn to pay. The two heaps of muscle she'd seen earlier on were stood on either side of the tent flaps, like sentries on duty. That wouldn't be a problem once she got inside for she didn't intend on leaving by the same method. She'd already led her horse to the north side of the town, where there was a similar dirt track leading out as the one she'd rode up leading in, only this one was in even more disrepair and therefore less inhabited by the huts and inns potted around the rest of the village. Making a perfect escape route. She allowed a wicked smirk to reach her lips once more; it could be called a smile if you didn't know Xena and weren't concerned with having your head attached to your shoulders. She let it linger there as her turn approached and one of the muscle men opened the tent flap for her to enter.

Purple Guy was seated behind a small wooden desk. Now she was this close to him she could see the roles of fat caught under his chin, sweat building up there. At least he didn't stink like the rest of the village, but being so close to such a pathetic excuse for a human being turned Xena's stomach all the same. She wanted this over with. She scanned the rest of the tent, easy to do in one go and without turning her head it was so small. Spotted in the shadows to her right, next to a convenient tear in the tent wall, was the girl she'd purchased. Xena's pulse quickened and the feral smile she'd worn when she first decided to bid for her crossed her features once more. This close confirmed all the things the warrior had thought about the girl, young fresh and by the look of fear in her eyes, innocent. She was still chained around the neck; sharp blue eyes followed the chain to see it was tethered to the main post holding the tent up just behind Fatso there. Again Xena thanked whichever wicked god was making this so easy for her.

"I haven't seen you at one of my sales before, you are not from around here are you?"

Great, small talk. Xena pursed her lips, calming her anger until she was ready to unleash it.

"Let's just say I like to travel. I usually find after I've spent one day in a village there is nothing left for me to do." The double meaning to her words was obviously lost on the Purple Guy who still sat behind his desk, he laughed too loudly just to prove even further he didn't have a clue what she was talking about.

"Well now, you'll have plenty to do once you've left this village won't you, my dear?"

Amused at his own mirthless humour Fatso missed the anger that invaded Xena's dark features and before he could even call for his guards, or defend himself in anyway, Xena had jumped the short distance between them, smashed the table in two and was drawing the fat man up by the collar.

The girl in the corner flinched, wondering whether she should sound the alarm. She got her answer when Xena looked over to her, their eyes locking for the first time, deep brown growing wider at the magnificence of the cobalt blue before her. The warrior shook her head once for no, and the girl hardly dare breathe again lest she alert those outside.

Xena quickly shifted her attention back to the sweating heap of fat in front of her. He too was whimpering like a girl now, sweat joined by fat drops of tears coming from podgy eyes.

"God, your pathetic." Angered, the warrior spoke with a harsh, sibilant tone. "It's none of your goddamn business what I do or not do when I leave this village." She shook him hard dislodging some dinars that fell from somewhere inside that tunic of his. "You understanding me?" Another hard shake and the man was nodding vehemently his agreement. Xena let go, straightening out his collar as she put him back on the ground, that wicked smirk on her face again.

"There, that's better. Now you have something that belongs to me I believe."

Grateful for his life being back in his own hands once again, Purple Guy cleared his throat and tried to sound like the confident auctioneer he'd been up till now. He beckoned for the girl to come forward, but she was stood frozen to the spot. The anger she'd seen in the dark woman scared her, along with the mesmerising stare she'd received. Her mind was caught in a two sided race, of wanting to be taken away by this stranger to god knows where for god knows what, or to just die right now. Her feet weren't obeying any command from her mind, however, and she still remained motionless.

"Come here I said." A hint of anger finally entered the auctioneer's voice, this was turning out to be a difficult sale after all. He yanked hard on the chain tied to the post behind him and the girl came flailing forward, arms outstretched to keep her balance. She would have failed and landed in a heap on the floor if it hadn't been for the quick reactions of Xena, who caught her just in time by the waist and steadied her. Again the cold heart of the warrior quickened as she held the petite waist of the girl, she'd not enjoyed the pleasures of a young female body in a long time and just holding her like this was enough to make her skin feel like it was on fire, and a pulling deep in her loins kicked in when the girl looked at her with those innocent brown eyes.

The warrior had to break this silent spell. Now wasn't the time to be acting on the urges that had been growing stronger all day in this vile little village. She let the girl go and forced her anger back to the surface.

"You could have damaged her." She stalked the man, forcing him to retreat further to the back of his tent. "I hate it when someone touches my things." She drew out her breast dagger and placed it to his throat. He was about to scream out for his guards when Xena interrupted him.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you. See, I'd kill you before they even got in here, and they wouldn't last five minutes with me when they did, you know that, right?"

He thought it best not to say anything so nodded his head, fear dripping off him in fat globules of sweat.

"Good. Now I'm going to make this very simple for you. You are going to become very generous all of a sudden. Considering you've been so rude to me and almost damaged my property it's the least you can do. So I'm going take the girl and this pouch of dinars you've got tucked under your belt, and then I'm going to walk away."

The knife left his vision for a moment as Xena unhooked his money pouch and tucked it in to her own belt, but it was back not thirty seconds later with another warning.

"And if you try to stop me, or send any of your pathetic henchmen after me I promise that the next time we meet, you will be dead before you even have a chance to recognise my face. Do we have a deal?"

All hope of using his vocal chords had been removed by the fact his fear of this woman had rendered every muscle in his body frozen like ice. Which is just as well as he felt he was about to lose a large portion of his bowels if he saw that dagger cross his eyes one more time.

Xena liked to see the fear in those she threatened. It was part of the thrill of fighting and conquering people when you could see the moment of defeat in their eyes.

"Do we have a deal?" Her tone lowered again, and he knew she wasn't about to ask a third time. Fatso nodded as best he could and got a strange little smile from the dark woman. It was the coldest smile he remembered seeing and was praying to whichever god listened to a lowlife like himself that he would never see such a smile again.

Her business finally concluded she let Fatso fall to the floor as she walked away to inspect her purchase once more. As she passed she untied the end of the chain from the post, but decided to keep the rest of the chain and collar intact for now. It made the girl seem that much more vulnerable, she thought.

"So then, you ready to go?" The lighter tone Xena used unnerved the girl.

She nodded her head, and cast her eyes to the floor not wanting to gaze into the blue for too long lest her world freeze on her like it did before.

Xena raised an eyebrow at the girl's response and a sly grin formed on her lips. "Not one of life's talkers are you? Well, we'll change that tonight, believe me." She lent in and forced the girl's chin up with a firm, callused finger. She expected to see the fear she craved in her victim's eyes, and she wasn't disappointed, but it was accompanied with a glimmer of desire, too, in the deep brown orbs, that surprised the warrior.

If it wasn't for the grunt and contemptuous laugh that came from the floor behind Xena she would have probably caressed the face before her and continued gazing into eyes that held something she hadn't seen in a long time, desire. As it was Fatso, in a moment of complete madness when he overheard the warrior speak to the girl, couldn't help himself from laughing at the two of them. And unfortunately for him Xena didn't share in his mirth.

The dagger left her hand so quickly and passed through his neck so neatly that he still had a grin on his face when he realised the blood he could see spurting before his eyes was his own. Shouting for help from his men outside was of no use as each time he opened his mouth, thick dark bubbles of blood fell out, splashing on his layers of chin. He simply lay there, too shocked and weak from the blood oozing from his throat to do anything but gaze up at the warrior woman as she ripped the hole wider in the back of the tent and pushed the girl through it.

She looked back once to the auctioneer who was practically bled dry now. She curled her mouth into that smile he had never wanted to see again and in a light friendly tone that was as chilling as the smile she wore she spoke the last words Fatso was to ever hear.

"Have a nice day now."


The sky was on fire. Hues of red and orange burnt into each other, dying the few clouds that remained, staining the distant blue with the crimson tide you only see at this time of day; when dusk approached and night was slowly beginning.

The beauty of it was lost on Xena. But then again it would be. A warrior enflamed with the desire for death and destruction had little use for the nicer things in life. All the fading light of day meant to her was the opportunity for a night time raid on an enemies' campsite; a surreptitious visit to a castle's jewel house; or like this evening a long night ahead of fulfilling the most basic need of all.

Her eyes rose from the mossy ground she'd been staring at into the frightened brown eyes across from her. They'd pulled off the main road after they'd ridden a couple of hours to make sure no one was on their trail. The girl she had purchased, or rather stolen, had struggled at first to be in the clutches of a woman she'd just witness killing a man in cold blood. She kicked and screamed as best she could as they galloped out of the village on the huge black horse. Xena had hold of the chain that she wore around her neck and had given it a few hard yanks to shut her up, but that only seemed to spur the young girl on and she bellowed with all her might. That's when the warrior hit her square on the jaw with the back of her hand, and the girl gave up her protestations, riding in peace with the strong woman clasping her tightly around the waist, the edgy rasps of fear that escaped when she breathed her only signs that she was still conscious.

And now those same sighs escaped her mouth as she tried as best she could to avoid the cold cobalt eyes that were peering straight at her. She looked about her and what she saw lowered her heart even further. The warrior woman had led them off the road through a thicket of trees and bushes that had seemed to go on forever. The girl hadn't realised it before now but it dawned on her the reason for coming in so deep in the forest, hidden by not only night falling but the tall trees that surrounded them, was because whatever the woman across from her had intention of doing that evening, there was no one around to stop her. No one close enough to hear screams, if indeed what the warrior had in mind made the girl scream. Her brown eyes grew afraid again, as she re-focused on the blue before her, wanting to appear strong but knew by the contempt in the azure eyes she was failing miserably.

Xena's blood was pumping around her veins, her heartbeat quickened and all her nerves came alive at the sight of the fear in the girl before her. She'd managed to restrain herself since they'd left that pitiful village; the ride on her horse had been torture. Having the redhead struggle in her arms the way she did, moaning and screaming only heightened the excitement already growing within the warrior until she felt a familiar slick heat between her thighs. If she hadn't done something to calm the girl down Xena would have pulled off right outside the village and taken her in full view of anyone who dared to follow them. Instead Xena managed to rein in her urges and lust and satisfied the fire within her by administrating a good slap to the girl's pale face. A slap that had left a light bruise the warrior now noted as she looked over at the young girl through lidded eyes.

She licked her lips once and discarded the sword she wore at her hip; it would only get in the way and she had other uses for it later. The girl followed her movements and edged a little backwards, only to feel a light tug on the chain that was still fastened to her neck. In the darkening night she'd not been able to see that Xena held the other end of the chain in her left hand and there was a sinister smirk on her face when she tugged on it again to get the girl's attention.

"Uh-uh. You're not going anywhere."

Slowly Xena pulled hand over hand on the chain, bringing the girl ever closer and shortening the distance between them. The girl resisted as much as she could but the collar locked around her neck left little room for movement, and she was worried if she angered the warrior woman too much she'd wind up like the fat man back at the auction. So she complied, still with the fear in her eyes, which was now joined by more visible signs of her alarm. Rapid breaths caused her young firm breasts to heave against the cloth of her pale top, sweat had broken out on her brow and clung to the hairline, every now and then a bead would make its slow arduous journey down her forehead, along her cheek, finally plunging down her cleavage. Xena watched all this with the growing urgency of a tiger stalking its prey. The girl certainly had a beauty about her that had singled her out from all the others, and her height was even becoming, standing a good few inches shorter than Xena but still everything within easy reach. But it was the fear that now stood out on her that was turning Xena into the demon she could sometimes be on the battlefield. The obvious distress in her eyes, the short sharp breathing trying to bring herself back under control, the sweat of desperation along her face. All mixed together it made an intoxicating aroma for the warrior woman to enjoy. And enjoy it she was about to.

The callused hand was surprisingly warm the girl noted as she felt it slide across her face, in what could be called a caress if a lover administrated it. She closed her eyes to the touch only to have a stinging sensation explode across her cheek. Her eyes flew open at the slap the warrior gave her, and she looked more puzzled than frightened now.

Xena cautioned her in a low voice before returning her hand on its journey across her face.

"Don't ever close your eyes unless I tell you to, understand?"

The girl could only nod, the pain in her cheek subsiding. Fear mixing with a new sensation the girl couldn't name yet once more raced around her body and she had no choice but to gaze into the blue eyes before her.

"You're smart. We're going to get along just fine."

The warrior's strong hand cupped the girls jaw tightly, squeezing just enough on her cheeks to illicit a small gasp of pain from pursed lips.

Xena smiled down at the girl, an expression that only deepened the fear between them.

"So tell me then, little one. You ever been kissed before?"

She edged closer, blue eyes within an inch of the brown below hers. She could feel the scared breaths on her face, it cooled her otherwise flaming skin.

The girl opened her mouth, the vice like grip had been eased so she could answer but all that came out was a barely whispered breath.

"Oh, cat got your tongue has it?" Again Xena gripped her face. "Let's try again shall we? Have you ever been kissed before?"

The girl wondered which response would be worse. Would it add to the bank of desire she could see in cerulean blue before her if she confessed that her lips were as innocent as the rest of her body or would the warrior be more enflamed to know she had picked a girl with experience? She didn't really see either option as a good thing so like her mother always told her, the girl opted for the truth and prayed that the warrior woman wasn't completely without compassion.

"No." Her voice was small, frightened like a child.

Xena's eyes darkened another shade.

"I was hoping you'd say that." The warrior's voice seemed to slither all over the girl's skin. Xena slackened her grip on the girls face once more, offering hope with the gesture that the girl had been right, and there was a thread of compassion in the warrior's soul. But just as the ache in her jaw started to ease, and relief was beginning to show in her big brown eyes, the warrior crashed her lips against the young woman, and she was back to being the struggling, frightened girl of before.

Xena had one hand in the thick red hair, gripping the back of her head painfully hard so the girl couldn't move her face away, forcing the girl's lips against her own with bruising force. She flicked her tongue a couple of times over the young lips below hers, but so far the girl had resisted well to that invasion. Xena smirked into the hard kiss, knowing that sooner or later the girl would give in to her, whether she wanted to or not.

It wasn't a passionate kiss, it was too hard and violent for that. And it certainly wasn't a lover's kiss. The girl's arms hadn't stopped flailing, beating uselessly against the solid shoulders of the warrior. But it was the kind of kiss that left the warrior breathless in her need; the trickle of heat between her thighs now a flash flood of desire.

Xena let her hands stray down the girl's lithe firm body and gripped her tightly around the waist, knowing where her fingers dug into her flesh there would be marks left by morning. She crashed their lips together one more time; fighting the urge to let out a moan at how good it felt to have a woman struggle in her arms again. Once more she flicked out her tongue, licking both bruised lips below hers, taking the girl's bottom lip in between her teeth, sucking slowly, nibbling and biting more gently than before. As she suspected it was this last gesture that rendered the girl in her arms motionless. Forgetting about her fear, her terror at what is going to happen to her. No more beating helplessly on hard sculpted shoulders for the warrior to pull away.

Xena knew well enough that the fear would return. The struggle would begin again, which is what the warrior wanted to see in the eyes before her, and feel underneath her rough, callused touch. But she also liked to see in the eyes of those she defeats that some part of them, no matter how small, how hidden, wanted it to happen in the first place. And when she finally let the kiss go, pulling back from the girl a little so she could focus on those deep brown eyes, she saw desire flicker in them just for a moment. It made the warrior laugh.

"There, now you've been kissed." Her hands still gripped the small waist and she gave it a hard squeeze. "So, how did you like your first kiss?"

The girl, in a moment when her anger overcame the fear inside, lashed out at the warrior woman and before Xena could stop her, or maybe because she wanted her to, the girl's hand connected with the side of Xena's face. It wasn't a hard slap, the girl didn't have enough strength for that, but it did leave behind a bright red mark on Xena's skin and a stinging sensation that slowly eased.

Terror soon returned to the brown eyes as realisation hit the girl of what she'd just done. She felt her body begin to grow lifeless with the fear she felt inside, but fought with it to keep standing in front of the warrior, as she suspected the woman before her despised weakness as much as she enjoyed pain. Still, the girl couldn't help the tears from falling un-checked down her cheeks.

Xena narrowed her eyes at the girl in front of her, the tears and sobs having no affect on her racing anger. She moved a strong hand to the girl's neck, just above the collar and started to squeeze. Soon the girl was held in a death grip and her hands were quickly seized and pinned painfully hard behind her back.

"You're feisty. I like that. But you want to watch that temper of yours, girlie. Could get you into a lot of trouble if you're not careful." To accentuate her point the warrior twisted the girl's arms she'd pinned, and a small yelp of pain escaped from the girl.

"Do you understand me?" Again there was that deep growl when Xena spoke.

The girl nodded as best she could. It was difficult to move with Xena's hand squeezing her neck, the heavy chain hanging down increasing the pain. But she wanted to appease the anger she saw flashing in the blue eyes before her.

"Good, you catch on quick. That's gonna help. Now where we were?"

The brown eyes looked panicked once more as Xena let go of her neck, and brought up a rough palm to the girl's cheek.

"So I'm guessing if you have never been kissed before," Xena's voice low and guttural hissed close to the girl's face. "You've never been touched before either." She flattened her tongue against the cheek she'd just been caressing and licked her way to the girl's ear.

In a soft yet sinister voice she whispered.

"Have you, little one?"

To accompany her words Xena let go of the girl's arms and with the quickness that has become legendary in battle ripped the girl's top clean away from her body. Exposing milky white breasts, dark nipples hardening in the cool night air instantly. Xena's eyes narrowed at the sight, a familiar sensation of animal lust taking over her body again.

Xena's voice was again hissing in her ear.

"No-one's ever touched you have they? You've never wanted them to."

A hand went up to her right breast, cupped it and began to tease the already hardened nipple. Xena's words and movements cast a spell over the girl. She knew she should be fighting, knew that if she struggled and hit and lashed out after it was over she'd be able to come to terms with what was happening to her now. But the dark woman had a power about her. She'd felt it back at the auctioneer's tent, and then again on the road when she felt the hard hand across her jaw. It was mesmerising and as much as she hated to admit it to herself the girl realised that it was sensual as well. And she began to realise what the other emotion apart from fear was racing around her body. It was desire. Desire for this woman to take her, and fuck her as hard and as dirty as she can.

The girl shuddered at where her thoughts had led her and tried to break from the spell the warrior's voice was casting over her. But as she glimpsed the surface of rational thought she could hear the deep tones of the warrior in her ear again. The hand on her breast moving in slow, soft circles caused a wave of desire stronger than the first to crash through her body, and the urge to fight was drowned once more.

"No, you've never been touched. Never been kissed before now."

Xena's hand moved away from the girl's chest and down to the belt of the skirt she wore. She unbuckled it with ease and slowly drew it away from the girl. It was strong leather the warrior noted, and tucked it into her own belt, knowing it would be useful to her later on should that temper flare up again. Xena returned her hands to the girl's body, stroking down from the swell of breasts, along a narrow waist and finally resting on the hips that had felt so good beneath her hands when she had caught the girl from falling in the tent.

She feels so young, thought the warrior as she brought the girl into the length of her body, snaking an arm around her back to push the virgin hips of the girl closer to her. With the movement the girl lost her footing slightly and out of instinct she flung her arms up around the warrior's neck to keep her balance, and that was both the girl and Xena's undoing. Her firm young breasts heaved erratically under her laboured breath, pressing into the leather of the warrior's dress and causing scorch marks on the skin underneath.

Xena couldn't hold back any longer; the flood within her was ready to burst the tight bank of control she'd held it with so far. The pressure of their hips mashed together, the cold shivering arms around her neck, and the breasts heaving against her own was just too much to hold back from and the urge to break this girl in, push her to the ground and fuck her was the only thing the warrior could focus on now.

Once more the girl felt a bruising kiss as Xena lent down and crashed their mouths together. Blue eyes kept open to see if the girl would struggle, fight the invasion of her tongue when she flicked it across the lips below hers, try to pull back like she had before. She saw mixed emotion in the girl's eyes as their lips met a second time. The battle that was going on in her mind; fear fighting with desire. The girl's arms still rested on the warrior's shoulders, but Xena noted to herself that they were stiff and frozen as anyone gripped in fear would be. As Xena invaded the girls lips with her tongue again, pushing and forcing her way into her mouth she saw the brown eyes deepen with desire, then quickly the girl banished those thoughts, a crimson blush flooding her face for thinking that she actually wanted this to happen to her. Xena now wondered which emotion she wanted to see in the girl, the fear or the desire. Either way it didn't really matter to her, she was breaking in a virgin tonight, an act of sexual power the warrior enjoyed almost as much as taking a partner by force; especially when the virgin in question was a young woman. They screamed louder than all the rest.

Xena broke the kiss and snarled at the girl; if she couldn't decide which emotion to go with the warrior would make the choice for her.

She brushed away the girl's hands from her shoulders and in a movement so quick the girl hardly had time to register it Xena ripped her skirt from her, and undergarments so she now stood as naked as the day she were born, bathed in the now full light from the moon and every inch of her flesh sparked a new set of flames to race through Xena's body. The girl was pale; her skin glistened with sweat, her breathing still erratic. With the same quickness as before Xena kicked the girl's legs out from under her, holding on to the chain around her neck the whole time, so the girl fell to the ground, struggling to keep her torso up so the chain wouldn't strangle her. Her firm breasts jutted forward, her face looked defiant again in the pale night, and Xena's face wore the feral smile of earlier on at the sight.

The warrior knelt down, straddling the girl's legs at first but then moving slowly up the naked body, pulling on the chain as she did so their faces met half way. The juices that flowed down Xena's strong thighs glistened in the moonlight and trailed up the girl's legs, so once more her urge to fight was subdued into a craving for this woman to take her.

The warrior whispered close to her ear again. "Do you know what I'm going to do to you? I'm going to make you scream. I'm going touch you so hard and so fast that you'll not be able to keep from screaming. You can fight me if you want. In fact I rather hope you do. But it won't change the fact that I'm going to fuck you till it hurts. Till you scream with both pleasure and pain, and the more you beg me to stop, the more I'll carry on."

The warrior's eyes darkened then, almost turning to grey the clear blue in them so changed under the impact of desire for this young girl. She let the grip on the chain slacken slightly, focusing in on the girl's face again to judge which side of this battle she was going to come out on, fight in fear or submit in need. Did she want to be fucked by the warrior or raped?

The girl's eyes were filled with tears again. She hated herself for what she was thinking; hated the woman before her for making her feel this way. She was lost now, either way it didn't matter any more whether she wanted this to happen as her body kept telling her, or to fight it like her mind and heart wanted to. Her will broken, her innocence taken. She gazed again in the warrior's eyes, forcing the last bit of strength left inside her to the surface and into her own eyes.

"Try and make me scream," she challenged the warrior, and without knowing she was going to do it, she spat into Xena's face, and this time she didn't regret lashing out as she had before.

The warrior wiped the slimy wetness from her left cheek and returned the hand to the side of the girl's face, in a hard backhanded slap. Painful enough to elicit a sob from the young woman, hard enough for her lip to trickle blood down her chin.

"Oh, I'll make you scream, alright." Xena lent in to the girl's ear again, running a cold rough hand up naked thighs and dragging her nails into the flesh. "In the end you are going to want me to make you scream."

The warrior lent up and unhooked the girl's belt from her side, looping it in the buckle. She took the girl's struggling arms with ease and lifted them above her head, pinning them together then tying them with the belt. Next Xena flicked the chain around the trunk of a nearby tree, securing it in place with the dagger she'd pulled from her breastplate.

The girl wanted to struggle, but found her upper body immobile under her restraints. She couldn't lift her head more than a few inches without the collar biting into her neck, bruising the flesh there. Her arms were helpless, strung taut the muscles hardened painfully, her nerve endings coming alive so they were sensitive to the slightest movement from the warrior woman. Once more lips crashed together and her whole weight was pinned down underneath the supple body of the much larger woman.

Her armour dug in painfully hard against the girl's naked flesh. The leather biting into her skin each time the warrior moved on top of her. As much as she wanted to cry out in pain, fight off these advances and beg the warrior to stop, the girl was helpless under Xena's touch. Partly from the restraints, partly from the shock at what was happening to her, but mostly like the warrior had said she wanted to be fucked by the woman straddling her hips, pushing her tongue in her mouth searching everywhere. So it came as little surprise to either of them when a strong forceful hand, without teasing or lingering around the edges, thrust between the girl's thighs and found wetness there. So much wetness it coated questing fingers and dripped down between thighs that were so meshed up together it was difficult to tell who's belonged to whom.

Xena grunted as she felt the girl's slick heat drip onto her hand. As much as she liked the brutality of taking someone by force it was always nice to be well received by a dripping wet cunt.

"O,h you like this don't you, little one?" She began to rub across the girl's sex, holding back a little to see how she would respond.

The girl was on fire. She'd never known a touch like this. Had never ventured there herself and now quivering at the warriors skilled touch it made her loathe herself even more for not putting up a fight. The only thing she had left to fight with was her voice, pinned the way she was, but she wasn't sure how convincing she'd sound if she managed to open her mouth.

"No, I want you to stop."

As she suspected that didn't sound like the voice of denial.

Xena smiled down at the girl and rewarded her with another hard kiss.

"You want me to stop, are you sure?" The warrior whispered as she broke the kiss.

Her hand was resting in the girl's soaked curls, a strong thumb circling back and forth over a sensitive clit.

Through clenched teeth the girl replied.

"Yes. Stop it."

Xena exerted more friction with her thumb, the rest of her hand edging closer to the girls tight hole.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear you. What do you want me to do?"

She accentuated each word with a stroke of her thumb and clamped down on a bare nipple, biting hard and taking as much as she could into her mouth. The flood that was flowing out of the warrior even surprised her, she never thought she could be this turned on. She knew her thighs were coated in her own hot juices, trickling down and making it easier to grind into the girl. Her breasts ached to be touched, the leather of her dress creating a delicious friction against skin that was on fire.

Somehow, defying her body's senses and the need in her sex that pulsated and throbbed each time the warrior pushed her knee and ground her hand against her, the girl still found her voice.

"I said stop it. Stop touching me, stop it."

Only the girl didn't want the warrior to stop. Not now, not when her insides were tensing and her cunt felt on fire. She could feel herself twitch under the warrior's touch and she wanted this to go on forever.

Leaving the breast that would reveal dark purple bite marks in the morning, Xena looked into the girl's eyes once more, her voice deepened to a sensual growl.

"You don't want me to stop." She pressed her hand flat against the girl's sex, and had to bite back a moan at the wetness that seeped out of her. "You want me to touch you."

Xena slipped one finger into the slick, narrow hole and immediately wanted to enter her with more.

"You want me to suck on you." She quickly returned to a nipple and drew it into her mouth, biting it hard so the girl arched under the touch and let out a loud moan.

"You want my fingers inside you."

Xena forced two more fingers inside the girl. She had to push the girls legs further apart with her free hand so she'd get the leverage she needed, and this time the girl did scream out as she felt the warriors fingers inside her; a scream part pleasure part pain. Her virgin sex objecting to three fingers, knuckle deep pushing deep inside her, ripping her it felt, but the pleasure that came with each thrust, each time Xena's thumb caught her clit numbed the pain till the girl didn't know if it hurt anymore.

"You want this."

Xena pushed deep again and was rewarded with a guttural sob, tears tainting a flushed and sweaty cheek.

"Yeah, you want to be fucked. You want me to fuck you. To break you in. To touch you and kiss you and feel you. Stick my fingers inside you and push hard."

The warrior thrust once more, and the girl forced her legs as wide as possible. Suddenly in her mind whether the pain of this would kill her, as she secretly thought it might, all that mattered was getting the warrior's hand within her and for her to continue rubbing and pushing the way she had done.

When Xena felt the girl's legs spread and saw the look of submission in those deep brown eyes she held nothing back.

She adjusted her position so she could thrust with all her weight against the hand that was inside the virgin sex, reaching every velvety crevice. She found the girl's centre whilst never losing time with her thumb on the girl's clit and through the sobs the girl was crying out, Xena made her speak.

"Tell me! Tell me what you want." Xena's voice was harsh, cold and un-caring. "I want to hear you say it."

Another forceful thrust and something snapped within the girl. Xena looked down at the juices that were pouring out of her and saw the dark red virginal blood mixed in with cum. She smiled at the sight.

"Say it! Say it!"

The girl felt she was close to losing consciousness, her body had never felt such ecstasy, such pain in her life. But she saw anger in the darkened eyes above hers and the need for all this to be over drew her final strength out of her in a loud scream.

"I want you to fuck me! Fuck me hard, please!!!"

Xena had what she wanted. The girl started screaming for her as she came. It started off slow, the tight sensation in her stomach, the shots of pleasure alighting all her nerves, the sensations in her sex echoing along her body, down her thighs into her legs and finally reaching toes that curled at the ecstasy that was taking over her body. Then the scream grew louder, the girl began to buck beneath the warrior, their hips crashing together, Xena rubbing her own sex hard and fast on the girl's thigh to try and temper some of the flood within herself. The girl strained against the belt tying her hands, the collar around her neck. Each movement increasing the power of what the warrior was doing to her with her hands.

Xena kept pushing though. Kept her hand deep in the young girl and reached for her so she would cum again and again. She wanted to hear the screams once more, wanted them to continue so she'd find her own release.

The girl knew that she would die if this continued, yet she didn't want it to stop. She felt delirious with pleasure, bright lights in front of her eyes exploding every second so she couldn't see the real world anymore. She felt the larger woman jerking against her thigh and liked the sensation; there were juices dripping down her leg that she knew came from the warrior. She looked into the face above hers, the warrior's eyes were glazed over, her lips mouthing words that the warrior didn't have the breath to form. Somehow the girl realised that what was happening to her own body was also happening to the warrior's, and it gave her a perverse sense of pride to have caused that in the woman who had captured and beaten her.

The warrior began to match the bucking of the girl underneath, finally reaching her own climax. She crushed her body against the girl, who instinctively wrapped her legs around the warrior, allowing her more space to push into her. The warrior didn't need to be asked to take advantage of the now willing girl beneath her touch and with the final thrusts of her hand drawing out the loudest scream yet from the young woman, she jerked hard against her and cried out her own orgasm before lowering her head and biting the girls shoulder to muffle more screams.

It was over.

The girl lay pinned under the warrior, tight contractions in her cunt sending little aftershocks of pleasure out to her stomach. The tears that she thought would flood out of her at this point didn't come. Instead she lay there, a serene feeling taking over her body and lulling her to sleep. She half recognised the pain in her shoulder from where the warrior had bit into her towards the end, and the dull ache of her sex that was still filled with the warrior's large fingers. But it all faded away as she felt her body drift off, her eyes despite being warned not to closing shut, her breath finally calming down.

The one thought that did enter her head as the girl fell asleep was that it was finally over. The warrior got her wish and she had screamed for her to fuck her, and now it was over.

Xena, however, didn't think so.

The End?

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