Author: Dana Cory
Story Title: Sleepyhead
Characters: Xena/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After a long hard day, both Xena and Gabrielle are too tired to do much more than sleep. But Gabrielle's body has other ideas...
This rating is for explicit f/f sex.

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Winner of an Amazon Ice Award

The characters of Xena and Gabrielle ( & Argo) are the property of MCA/Universal/Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures, and no copyright infringement is intended. All other aspects of the story (naughty and otherwise) come from my own sick and twisted brain. This story can not be distributed for profit, but pass it along to your own personal "sidekick" if you like it. Meanwhile in Macedonia, the nomads eat their dates...

WARNING: Holly, lookout! It's the Sleestaks! This story contains erotic scenes between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 (or whatever legal age in your part of the Pantheon), STOP READING NOW, go watch Public Television...

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by Dana Cory
COPYRIGHT 1997 Dana Cory

Xena awoke suddenly as her ears registered a change in the night sounds around her. She lay still, listening for potential danger. After a few seconds, the warrior realized the new sound was coming from her lover, the beautiful bard nestled on Xena's bosom, moaning in her sleep and drooling slightly. Xena smiled to herself and gently dabbed the corner of Gabrielle's mouth with the blanket that covered their naked bodies.

The warrior lifted her head to look around. No danger, the fire had burned down to hot embers, and the sky told her dawn was near. She relaxed back into the warm body entwined with hers and wrapped her arms around Gabrielle a little tighter. The petite amazon moaned again, and raised her thigh higher on Xena's leg, pushing her hips into the warrior's well muscled body. Xena startled at the feeling of moisture against her thigh, then understood the new noises coming from Gabrielle.

"Must be some dream..." Xena said quietly to the slumbering bard. She traced Gabrielle's lips lightly with her finger, earning a whimper from her soundly sleeping love. They had traveled hard and fast the last few days, both riding on Argo to reach yet another town in trouble, more helpless villagers to save. They had each been too exhausted and saddle sore to make love that night, having just enough energy to make camp and eat a dinner of bread and cheese before surrendering to Morpheus. It made sense to Xena that the young amazon's body, accustomed to daily pleasuring and release, had turned to the dream world when the physical world was lacking. 'I'm not so tired anymore...' thought Xena, a naughty plan burning in her brain and body.

With all her warrior stealth, she shifted Gabrielle onto her back. The bard sighed and stirred, but Xena knew her lover was still far from consciousness. Xena leaned down and brushed her lips against Gabrielle's, causing the bard's mouth to open slightly with a whimper. The Warrior Princess carefully hovered over the Amazon Princess, breathing in her scent and softly exhaling on Gabrielle's delicate neck. Xena made sure no part of their bodies touched, but a steady heat was building between their skin, the gravity of familiar desire pulling hard. Gabrielle sighed at the feel of Xena's warm breath against her. The warrior slowly moved down over her lover's body, breathing into flesh she wanted to kiss, resisting the urge in favor of sweet anticipation.

Xena allowed gravity to win when she reached Gabrielle's breasts, brushing her lips against the already hard nipples. Gabrielle moaned again, more loudly this time. Xena hesitated to make sure the bard was still wrapped in the dreamscape, then lightly traced her hot tongue around each nipple several times, backing off when Gabrielle's breathing became faster.

"Not yet, my love..." Xena whispered into the amazon's skin as she moved down across her lover's flat stomach. The warrior succumbed to gravity again briefly and dipped her tongue into Gabrielle's navel, eliciting another whimper from the bard. Xena moved down again and bent to allow her breasts to graze the insides of lean thighs. Gabrielle groaned at the teasing touch and her legs parted instinctively. A bolt of passion surged through Xena's body from her breasts. This time Xena had to stop to keep her own desire in check. She couldn't go this far only to surrender to animal urges. The warrior took several deep breaths of cool morning air to compose herself, then carefully laid her body between Gabrielle's legs. Gabrielle groaned and wrapped her legs around Xena's shoulders.

*Still in Morpheus' kingdom, Gabrielle marveled at how realistic this dream felt...the intensity of love and passion she felt with her dream lover surpassed the incredible heights she and Xena reached in the waking world, something Gabrielle had believed to be impossible. They breathed as one, their bodies singing together in perfect harmony, one heart, two halves of the same soul...yet Gabrielle needed more, her hunger for her warrior burning through every fiber of her being...*

"Xena...Please..." Gabrielle rasped in her sleep. Xena melted at the amazon's desperate plea. She could not deny her lover or herself any longer. With strong and gentle hands, Xena held Gabrielle's hips and lowered her face into welcoming warmth. Xena hovered just over her greatest desire, breathing in the sweet musk and blowing cool air onto the wet, steaming flesh. With delicate slowness, Xena extended the tip of her tongue and pressed softly on Gabrielle's swollen clit. The bard gasped and groaned, instinctively moving her hips toward the source of pleasure. Xena held her tongue still for what seemed like an eternity, then lightly stroked around the pleasure point, not directly touching it. Gabrielle's breathing became heavier, faster. She moaned Xena's name, still thinking this was a dream.

*Nothing on the earthly plane could feel so good...*

Xena licked tenderly around the folds of flesh with long, deliberate strokes. Gabrielle's hips moved in counterpoint to the melody of Xena's tongue, craving more, the bard's body desperate for release. Xena sensed her lover's urgency and increased the pressure of her tongue and the speed of its strokes. Gabrielle's tempo increased in kind, and the warrior knew it wouldn't be long before pleasure pulled her bard into consciousness.

* Every cell of Gabrielle's body was on fire, she didn't know what was real anymore. The veil between the worlds was shifting, the only constant her own overwhelming desire and love for the Warrior Princess. She was slipping, falling out of the wondrous dream, but somehow Gabrielle knew where she was heading would be even better...*

Xena fluttered the tip of her tongue against the engorged bundle of nerves, Gabrielle's thighs tightening around her shoulders at the exquisite stimulation. The amazon was panting now, steam rising off her sweaty skin like a mist between realities. Xena suddenly plunged her tongue deep inside Gabrielle's eager entrance. Gabrielle's eyes flew wide open as she screamed Xena's name. Now ecstatically awake, the amazon grabbed her warrior's hair in her fists and pulled deeper onto Xena's long, strong tongue. They stayed locked in a primal rhythm for several minutes, Xena's mouth possessing all of Gabrielle, eagerly consuming the fruit of her passion. Xena's body ached with desire, and she knew that she would instantly join Gabrielle when their heated crescendo peaked. The amazon grunted and writhed at Xena's skilled ministrations, she couldn't take much more waiting...

"Xena!... Now! ...Please!" she managed to gasp between shallow breaths. Xena's own need was also at the breaking point, and she quickly slid her tongue out of its haven and took Gabrielle's aching clit into her mouth. The sublime suction sent waves crashing through the bard's taut body, her back arching high off the ground. Xena stayed with her lover, suckling harder even as her own climax threatened to rob the warrior of consciousness. The lovers lost count of how many aftershocks passed through their bodies, and after a small piece of forever, they collapsed into the cool earth. Xena crawled up to lay her head on Gabrielle's bosom, both women still out of breath. They lay in each others arms for what seemed like eons, resting in love and comfort, blissfully sated. Aurora was filling the world with light again before either could speak.

"Xena, you are the goddess of my heart..." A tear of joy rolled down Gabrielle's cheek, onto the warrior's face resting on her shoulder. Xena looked up at her beautiful bard, the love of all lifetimes, tears welling in sky blue eyes.

"And you, Gabrielle, are the ruler of my soul..." Xena leaned down for a tender kiss. She smirked and added. "Sleepyhead..." returning for a more passionate kiss. The lovers felt the orchestrations of desire stir again, eager for another suite to the symphony. Somehow, they both knew the urgent mission of yesterday could wait a few more hours...


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