Author: Melissa X
Story Title: What Night Sparks
Characters: Gabrielle & Joxer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Joxer drops in at a good time. Screenplay format.
This rating is for explicit m/f sex.

The characters belong to Studios USA and Renaissance Pictures and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains explicit descriptions of male/female sexual relations.


What Night Sparks
By Melissa X.

Xena had left Gabrielle alone to go see her mother and Gabrielle started looking through her own things. She had writer's block, so her scrolls weren't doing her any good. She come across the necklace Joxer had given her and reminisced about their past. One thing bothered her the most: Meg and her tramps. And she wondered if Joxer was there right now. She also wondered how three women could look so much a like. She thought back to a conversation between the Hestian virgin Leah and herself...

LEAH: Well, a chaste life's not so bad. Once you get used to following the Hestian rules. Rule one, know thyself. Rule two. . . (Gabrielle's laugh cuts her off)

GAB: Believe me. If I have to go the rest of my life without companionship, knowing myself won't be a problem.

Gabrielle put on the necklace like she had a few times. She didn't want to lose it and so most of the time it was safe inside her bags. A thug could rip it from her neck or kill her for it. Thinking about the few times she and Joxer had kissed or even hugged, a little smile shadowed her face. However, it had been about a week since they had seen Joxer and Xena left before sunrise. It was getting dark and she had nobody to even talk to as she looked up at the moon rise.

GAB: No, getting to know myself won't be a problem.

Gabrielle failed to hear the footsteps of someone getting closer to her, as she took off her boots and then laid back. 'Nobody is around for miles around, so why not?' she thought to herself. From out of the shadows Joxer started to jump out at her, but he stopped when he saw Gabrielle lift up her skirt.

Xena was nowhere to be found and Argo was gone too. He thought for a moment, but then slowly climbed up a huge tree next to him. He almost fell once but without a sound got up on one of the limbs to see what Gabby would do next.

He didn't have to wait long, as she started stimulating herself. Joxer gulped and then grinned. Watching her masturbate was something that had never crossed his mind. She started to moan a bit and he could only hope she was thinking about him. As she raised up slightly, something else caught his eye. The necklace he had given her, he gasped slightly seeing it around her neck. Joxer was getting very excited by the whole thing taking place right before him. If he didn't know better he'd swear he was dreaming, but in his dreams they were touching each other. Joxer could feel the huge bulge in his pants about to rip a seam.

It only got worse when Gabrielle unlaced her top and slowly took it off, caressing her breast with her other hand. It was almost like she was putting on a show just for him, but she didn't know he or anyone was around.

Joxer was debating on masturbating himself or jumping out at her after all, but not the way he had planned on before all this started. He decided to let her know his sword could be in her service right now.

Slowly he climbed back down the tree, keeping an eye on her. He walked slowly around until he was right behind her and slowly crept up to her. She was moaning too loud to hear his footfalls. He stood right over her looking down at the view just under him. He bent down slowly by her and blew in her ear. Freaked out, she turned and knocked him down, panting hard as she did it.

GAB: J. . .Joxer?! (Covers herself) I can't believe you!

JOXER: And I can't believe what I just saw. (Gabrielle gasps) Is this a private party or. . .Um? Hum?

GAB: What in Tartarus are you doing here anyway?

JOXER: Saw Argo's hoof prints and two pair of boot prints.

GAB: So you thought you'd come for a visit and you. . .

JOXER: Why? Are you not happy to see me? (Sits up)

GAB: No, yes, I mean. . . (Sighs)

JOXER: It's not my fault that I saw you. . . You know. . .

GAB: Joxer?!

Gabrielle then notices his big bulge and bites her upper lip. He sees what she's looking at and smiles.

JOXER: At your service, anytime, my lady.

Gabrielle says nothing and just looks at him. As she does she feels overwhelmed by lust and passion inside. Bending down on her knees she leans over and kisses him soft at first, but then she gets wild. She ends up on top of him rubbing herself on him, he slides his hand down over her rear and gives it a slap. She stops.

GAB: Ow! What's that for?!

JOXER: That's for being a naughty little girl and making me wait so long. (Rolls her over) Ha-ha!

GAB: Oh, then perhaps Joxer the mighty would like to teach me a lesson? (Giggles) Maybe show me just how mighty he really is? (Kisses his neck) Mmm?

JOXER: Be patient my little bard and. . .

GAB: No Joxer! (Pants) I want you right now!

JOXER: As you wish.

Gabrielle takes off the rest of her clothes, with the exception of the necklace, and helps Joxer take off his. She plops down on her bed roll and licks her lips, looking at his bare body. He stands there for a moment to look at her.

GAB: If I have to tie you up, I will.

JOXER: Gabby, I had no idea you were so kinky.

Gabrielle motions with her finger for him to come to her and he obeys at once. Bending down he buries his face between her legs. Gabrielle let out a sharp moan as his tongue got to know her all too well.

GAB: Please, Joxer? (Pants) Take me, please?!

Joxer lifted his head after a few more strokes and after giving her a wicked little smile. The moment he had waited for so long had come, he was entering his beloved Gabrielle. Every inch of her body twitching and throbbing, as he filled her almost too much. She was making so much noise it was a good thing there was only woods around them, he thought. She even screamed.

JOXER: My sweet Gabrielle. (Grunts) Oh how I love you!

Joxer bent down to taste her nipples, as Gabrielle dug her nails into his back and left a long trail down his back. Joxer screamed in pain but it seemed to be making him last longer so he didn't mind too much.

GAB: Oh gods! (Moans) Joxer you're so big! (Yells) It feels so good! (Panting)

JOXER: Let's see how you like this.

Joxer lifts himself just enough to reach his hand between them to rub her clit. Gabrielle tightens her whole body, as she gasps so loud it hurts her throat.

Then both of them had reached their limit, and Joxer lowered himself onto Gabrielle. He sighed deeply and rolled over.

Soon they were sleeping.


Joxer became half awake and felt a woman's warm body next to him. Her smell filled the air. He wasn't sure if he was dreaming or if this was really Gabrielle. It must be a dream, but a dream like no other he had ever had. But then he felt kisses on his hip, his eyes opened just as Gabrielle took the whole thing in her mouth. He laid back and just fell into total bliss. When she had gulped down every drop, she sat up and looked at him.

GAB: Good morning.

JOXER: It sure is! (Chuckles) But hey what are we gonna tell Xena when she returns?

GAB: Nothing, let her just think you're the same 'ol dumb, good for nothing Joxer. I know better and I don't want to have to share the man I love with her. (Slaps his behind) You are all mine.

The End

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