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My current fav pic? This time I choose two: one for Lucy and one for Renee

For the short list of photos that I actually have extras of - and which are subsequently available for trading - go to the trades page. I am also willing to buy photos outright, especially folio sets and photo club sets. If you have a large lot that you wish to sell please drop me a line at my hotmail's listed in the last column.

Xena Photo Catalog, for you yanks. This humble project will probably be ongoing indefinitely. I'd appreciate any information, particularly about early promotional photos, any insider industry stuff and naming conventions. I'd also LOVE to find out info about the photographers. I know that Kiwi photographer Geoff Short took many of the on-set photos, but that's about it. Any help with copies of photos would be appreciated as well. Please e-mail me with any info, feedback or naked pics (this is a joke). I won't be listing candids, apart from those sold through Creation, but adding these will be my last priority. As will montage/theme pictures and now all their autographed crap. Bleh! And only photos will be listed; no calendars, marketing or promo materials unless they are actual photos.

The counter below was started on September 2nd, 2010.

This is not a gallery. If available the thumbnails link to somewhat larger scans, but photos are just large enough to be identifiable (unless I own the photo, then the scan might be a bit larger). This site is meant to be used as a reference, but it's also intended to be a list to aid in my collecting. Every photo will either be listed as 'Have,' 'Want' or 'Had.' 'Had' means that I once had the photo but then sold it. In some cases I am looking to re-buy these photos. Feel free to tell me how stupid I was for selling them.

I'm sure people have figured out that my Ashera email addy was taken into a dark, back alley and beaten to death by spam. I will set up another one for my sites eventually, which I won't ever post as a complete address again, but in the meantime you can email me at my hotmail address. My handle is Strigah

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Ashera's Xena Photo Gallery

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