Author: R.E. Rowley
Story Title: Modern Women: Part Three - Chapter One
Characters: She Woman/Girl
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Girl, stung emotionally from the loss of her lover, thinks money is the answer and flies to Berlin in hopes of getting a lot of it.

This is the third part of my ueber Xena trilogy. She Woman and Girl are my modern versions of Xena and Gabrielle. Xena and Gabrielle are owned by MCA/UNIVERSAL/RENAISSANCE. My story and my ueber characters.

WARNING! The first section of this story is the happier version in which two women have a falling out but eventually find a way to share their lives again (although under changed circumstances). This first section contains some spicy language and a semi-rape in which a foreign woman (without using physical force) compels Girl to orally satisfy her. The second section is a prophetic view of an inspired, powerful, resurgent Germany and a much-too-clever-for-herself America. Girl is offered the greatest acting role of her life and becomes co-opted into Germany's final solution for the U.S. The third and final section is the tremendous supernatural power of the God/Creator and the penultimate part it will play in the cataclysmic events that are herein described.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Anything that has to do with the German Psyche. The Scriptures tell it like it is..."as you think so you are." This is true not only for a person but also for a country. The truth is most Americans know virtually nothing about Germany. So, as people read this story for its sexuality, maybe some of them will start thinking a little about the more profoundly substantive things that are also in it ...I hope.

Plot? Girl, stung emotionally from the loss of her lover, thinks money is the answer and flies to Berlin in hopes of getting a lot of it.

COPYRIGHT: The chapter or chapters following, are part of the works of R.E. ROWLEY and copyrighted (c) 1998. Any use or dissemination of this story for any commercial purpose, in part or in whole, without the express consent of the author is prohibited. If desired, this story may be printed for the personal and private use of any reader, provided my copyright always appears on it.



Modern Women: Part Three
by R.E. Rowley
© 1998


"HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!?" Girl stared wide eyed in amazement at a plainly uncomfortable She Woman.

"What could possibly possess you to break up our relationship and start dating a...a man instead of me? Was it the sex? Wasn't I good enough for you?"

She Woman took a deep breath and looked almost pleadingly into the stormy green eyes of the blond. "You know that isn't true! If it were simply a matter of sex, I would already be in your bed with you right now. The reason is that the top brass found out about us...about what we did together on our Friday nights."

Girl was stunned. "Who would be the informer? Who would do such a terrible thing? I never told anyone. Surely you didn't either."

She Woman shook her head forlornly. "It was Mentor who was the snitch. She was with us in the cafeteria part of the time and came back to our table as we were leaving."

"Mentor!! That jealous vengeful creature!" Girl hid her face in her hands and cried long and hard. The cute blond knew that she had just lost her career-minded lover. She Woman stared at her sobbing friend then quietly got up off the couch and left Girl's home.


A week later, in the evening, She Woman received a phone call.

"I need you. I really need you badly. Just before I drop off to sleep, I'm always thinking of us in bed together ...the way we used to be. When I wake up in the middle of the night, my hands reach out to caress you, to hold you, to love you" Then, the voice faltered and started to sob. "But...but you're not therrrrre..."

She Woman sighed deeply. "Girl, I really miss you too. I don't like it any better than you do. But I'm learning to adjust to the situation. Life goes on. Find someone else. I'm not the only woman in the world."

"Oh how profound you are! Tell me what can this...this man offer you that I can't?"

"He can create a new TV series whenever he wants to. He has the production, the writers, and the contacts for syndication and distribution."

"Oh my my. Sounds to me as if what he has is money."

"Well...yes he does have access to lots of money."

"Are you planning to marry him?"

"If he asks me, yes. As an actress, I will always be dependent on men. But as the wife of a powerful media man, I will be much closer to doing things my way than having to always obey the whims of others."

"So what you're saying is wed him, bed him, and then outlive him hmmm?"

"Not exactly. What I'm saying is proximity to power may be a kind of power in itself."

"Well, I may soon be able to acquire a lot of money without ever having to go to bed with a man."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm going to be flying overseas tomorrow morning. I have a ten o' clock flight and will be at the City Airport Excelsior Lounge at nine o'clock. Be there if you want to wish me well and to learn more of the details." Girl abruptly hung up her phone.

She Woman hung up her line as well. "I'll be there." She said to herself.


She Woman took a cab and arrived at City Airport a few minutes after nine the next morning. She spotted Girl sitting by herself as far away from the other passengers as was possible. Although possessing only a few sketchy details, the dark-haired blue-eyed woman didn't like the sound of what Girl was trying to do. However, she wanted to be upbeat. Putting a sunny smile on her face, she ambled over to the young blond who was staring intently at some papers lying on her table with the coffee she had ordered.

"Hi there. What are you reading?" She Woman asked as she sat down directly opposite Girl.

"What possible concern is that to you?"

"Are you still angry with me because I'm going to marry the media man?"

"Oh I don't care if you marry a thousand men! At least I loved you first before this man ever
will. You can't take the memories of that love away from me!"

"I wouldn't want to! I will always cherish the memories of your sweet inspired passion for me." She Woman swallowed hard and began staring again at her upset friend's reading material.

Girl, noticing where She Woman was looking..."Oh all right. I might as well tell you. You're not the only woman who wants to be an executive."


"And just why not!?

She Woman placatingly puts the palms of her hands up. "O.K. O.K. What's your plan? Everybody needs a plan. You know mine. What's yours?

"Well that's better. You know I like Mexican food right? What do tourists want when they travel to another city? Food! Not just any food, but great tasting food at a reasonable price. Well, I've got some family recipes that are really great. Wait. There's more. Whenever I visit my parents, they always invite a lot of friends over to welcome their Prodigal Daughter back home. They all love our food. Now, since I star with you in the Queen of Fury weekly TV series, I've got lots of name recognition. Sooo, all I need is some money. I'm going to fly to Berlin, meet with Franz and raise the money. Then I'll build my first restaurant (called Girls of course). After I start throwing off some serious cash flow, I'll leverage it to build another restaurant etc. etc. As this process continues, I'll create a national franchise opportunity which will attract hundreds of franchisees. I will receive royalty payments from all my franchisees and later will sell my interest in Girls for boku big bucks. And I won't even have to go to bed with a man to do it." Girl looked smugly at She Woman.

"Very interesting. But who is this Franz person? What do you know about him?"

"Oh Franz is really nice. I first contacted him after finding this ad. I have it here somewhere. Here it is. It says "T.V./ Movie Stars Wanted Wealthy German investment group needs attractive spokespeople with name recognition for products and investment/franchise opportunities. Let's get together and make lots of money! Call Franz and it gives a telephone number. Oh, one more thing. Franz said he directs and manages an entire Abteilung. Wow! Sounds important doesn't it?"

"Not really. In German, Abteilung simply means a part, compartment, bureau or division of something bigger than itself. The mainstream Germans who have contacts with their government and other businesses are a highly structured people. They have almost a hive mentality."

Girl frowned. "I knew you were going to get negative about this...this opportunity for me."

"Girl listen to me. I'm trying to point out some things you obviously don't understand. Germany isn't exactly what their Chamber of Commerce would have you believe. It's a land seething just below the surface. There's political, racial and economic violence almost daily. It isn't just the Third Reichers. The real worry is the potential creation of the Fourth Reich. If the Fouth Reich is ever born, it would make the Third Reich seem like amateur night in comparison. My point is these people play rough and they play for keeps!"

"Are you kidding me? I'm an American citizen! I have my rights. The American Embassy will look after me."

"That's just the point! You're an American but you WON'T be in America! You'll be in Germany on their turf, their playing field with their laws, their customs and you don't even speak their language fluently!"

"Is that all, Miss Gloom and Doom?"

"No, one more thing. This ad with 'Franz' in didn't find it did you? They sent it to you, didn't they?"

Girl's face flushed. "So what does that prove? They know I'm a successful well-known actress and they want to maximize their chances for success by using me as a spokesperson. Actually, I'm flattered."

She Woman shakes her head. "Some people learn easily and some people have a hard time learning at all."

"Right back at you, Miss. I've just got to marry a man!"

She Woman stared in angry disbelief at Girl. She got up quickly from the table turned on her heel and walked quickly out of the room. Girl bent her head and started to cry uncontrollably.

When Girl boarded her flight, her natural optimism began to return. Finding her seat, she turned on the tape player and was pleasantly surprised to hear the theme music from Dallas. (Yeah I'll be like a female J.R. I will succeed. I can do this. You want lots of money She Woman? I'll get you the money. Then you won't have any excuses for not sharing my bed.) The pretty blond's head started to nod. Her eyes closed. She was soon asleep.

Like a great eagle coursing through the skies, the big silver metallic jet thundered onwards towards Berlin...that great city. Oh Girl, Girl, if you only knew what awaits you in Germany!

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