Author: Poet Dareau
Story Title: Don't Mess with my Toot-Toot
Characters: Strife/Cupid
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Strife and Cupid get it on in the Big Easy.
This rating is for explicit m/m sex.

I own nothing, not even the computer I am typing this on. Renaissance; Blaine Kern, Inc.; and Crewe of Mars: please don't sue me. All I have is an emotionally unstable orange Tabby named Sunshine and about 3 bucks.

This story contains explicit male/male sex.

Series: Maybe, if I get good feedback... or if I just don't get any cyber tomatoes thrown at me. *g*

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Christal for beta-ing this sucker for me and for the name. Hope you feel better soon! :-* Thanks to the Goddess Erin for giving me something to aspire to, and thanks to Maggie Z and Linsey, though they have no idea for what. :-)+)

Notes: My first non-round robin fic, my first slash, and my first smut, so please be gentle. If it sucks, blame the lack of sleep, the soundtrack to "Cruel Intentions," and the sunflower seeds.

You can also find this story at The Righteous Cause of Strife Temple

Feedback: Pwetty pwease, with a naked Cupid on top... of a naked Strife. *eg* Send feedback to


Don't Mess with my Toot-Toot
By Poet Dareau

Cu-u-piiid," a nervous voice protested, drawing the name of the God of Love out in a patented whine. "We can't!"

"And why not?" Cupid asked his lover reasonably as he began to nibble on the other God's ear.

"Cuz Unc'd kill us."

"Strifey," Cupid soothed. "Even Uncle Ares can't kill us. Zeus'd have his hide if he did," the winged God assured his lover, moving his lips lower to gently flick his tongue across the hollow at the base of Strife's throat, eliciting a moan from the leather-clad God.

"Maybe Unc can't finish us off, b-but there's a lot he can do in the meantime," Strife stammered, though Cupid could tell his lover's resolve was weakening.

"Aww, c'mon Strife," Cupid pouted as he began to slide his hand inside the waist of Strife's leather pants. When the Godling continued to struggle, Cupid decided to play his trump card. "I bet some of it could even be *fun*," the God of Love whispered directly into Strife's ear, punctuating his words by grasping Strife's hard cock roughly.

Cupid suppressed a smile of triumph as all protests were dropped by Strife, in favor of thrusting up into his lover's hand.

As Cupid continued using his nimble fingers to stroke the other God's erection, Strife reached out and grabbed the winged God's own aching cock, pumping in time with his thrusts.

Sweat poured off the duo as Strife came with a shout. Cupid followed a moment later, shooting his seed all over the inside of the float.

The two Gods collapsed in a heap of tangled arms and legs. Cupid recovered first and laid there gazing down on his lover. As much as he would have loved to spend all day as a pile of happy mush, he and Strife really did need to get out of there before Ares found them.

"Strifey? Wake up. We should get going before Unc finds us."

"Cupie, do we gotta? I mean, can't we just stay here?" Strife begged as he cuddled closer to the God of Love and lightly stroked the soft feathers of Cupid's wings.

Cupid looked down at his lover with a mixture of longing, love, and the beginnings of reawakened desire, groaning in frustration. "As much as I'd love to Strife, we *really* do need to get as far away from this warehouse as possible before Ares figures out what we did in his float.

"O-kay," Strife conceded, "but I don't think I have the strength to move us…" Strife trailed off sleepily.

"Say no more," Cupid breathed with a kiss to each of Strife's eyelids, just before transporting himself and his lover back to Mount Olympus.


Ares appeared in the warehouse of the New Orleans float designer Blaine Kern to get a sneak preview of what the Crewe of Mars would be riding in next Lundi Gras.

To his horror, the Captain's float was soaked with some kind of substance. Ares sniffed at the liquid and immediately recognized the mixture of the two individual scents.

"STRIFE!! CUPID!!" the War God bellowed in anger. //Those two are going to *pay* for this one!// Ares thought as he flashed out in a burst of white light.

Fin… for now

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