The Creation Catalogue - Unidentified

These are some of the photos that I have been unable to figure out the Creation code for. Any assistance in assigning the correct code to them would be hugely appreciated.


Gabrielle and Ephiny
Hooves and Harlots
This pic is similar to this July 1998 Photo Club pic, but I don't know what this pic is.

Hudson playing Xena
Intimate Stranger
Not sure what this Creation photo of Hudson playing Xena is from. Regular catalog?

Adventures in the Sin Trade
Manon pointed out that this picture of Claire isn't from a photoclub, so it must be part of the regular catalog.

Sacrifice II
Try that again. Karl pointed out that the photos were the right way around and AFAD had the error of mixing up XE-MISC134 and the above script picture, XE-SCR13. That was what Manon was basing her judgment on. Anyway, it's now confirmed with Creation sources that it's the right way round now ;)

The Path Not Taken
The Path Not Taken
This is obviously an older Creation XE-MISC photo as it has the larger Xena icon on it. My guess is that it's a photo in the first twenty of the MISC series. It's very similar to the Season One Folio set Picture here (this folio picture is also XE-MISC184 according to AFAD 8).

A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life
Manon pointed out that this is the Script picture for the episode, XE-SCR4. I should have known that because it's on the last catalog page that I have scanned on the sources page. Doh!

A Day in the Life 2
A Day in the Life 2
Another from A Day in the Life. Again, because of the larger Xena icon on it, my guess is that it's a photo in the first twenty of the XE-MISC series. Manon agrees with me that it's probably XE-MISC 4, 6, 7, 8, 13 or 14

Renee playing Hope in Sacrifice II. Creation issued this landscape version, XE-RO15, and then I'm assuming released this version later under another code. Or not. Sounds like Creation likes to issue different cuts of photos sometimes.

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