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Coming in the marginably foreseeable future: Two Towers and Two Towers Update Edition, Spiderman 1 & 2 Movie, Lexx, Enterprise Seasons One, Two & Three, LoTR Fellowship of the Ring Update Edition, LoTR Return of the King, etc, Red Dwarf Futera Platinum (maybe), yada, yada, yada...

I've finally started to separate fandoms onto their own pages. Xena cards now have their own page. And I've started an X-men page, still working on it.

I'm still working on adding scans for all series. It's kinda tedious work.

Thanks to everyone for all the cool trades. Sorry for taking so long to respond to some of the offers, but I go through lazy e-mail phases ;)

This is a page for the listing of the non-sport trading cards that I collect. I have it up for the purpose of trading, but it can also be used as a checklist. I occasionally offer cards up for auction on eBay (my ID is strigah), but not very often. I've spent so much money on that damn site I'm not letting myself go there anymore. Much anyway ;) I finally decided that I ought to actually start to trade my trading cards. What a concept. I should also mention that I have wrappers for most series listed here. And for those interested in trades, I'm in Canada.

Just Xena, X-Men, X-Men 2, Lord of the Rings and Red Dwarf trading cards right now. I'm primarily interested in Science Fiction/Fantasy Movie and TV trading cards. Don't hesitate to contact me regarding any trades, sales or corrections :)

Special thanks to Diane at The Other Planet, Karin Weber of Trading Card Heaven and Sarah Reeson; All super cool traders/dealers that you'll love dealing with. Sarah also has helpful box breakdowns listed, and I'm thinking about starting to do that.

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Movie Cards - Topps, 2001

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Movie Cards

Topps Special Insert Checklist

Note: There were different cards released in North America, the U.K., New Zealand & Australia. In North America there were Hobby boxes sold, which included the autograph cards of Sean Astin, Cate Blanchett, Billy Boyd, Sir Ian Holm, Sir Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler, Elijah Wood and John Rhys-Davies, and these boxes have 36 packs of cards. There were also retail boxes distributed, apparently released only in North America, that included the autographs of Christopher Lee, Orlando Bloom, Dominic Monaghan and Hugo Weaving, and included sticker cards. These boxes have 24 packs. Sean Bean's autograph card was only available from UK Hobby boxes. The European 'Special' Foil Cards are also different from the 'Prismatic' Foil Cards distributed in North America. The images are the same, but you can tell the difference between the foils when you hold them up to the light. The NA prismatic versions are much more 'rainbowy' (but don't expect the images below to reflect that - I just used the same images - I might get around to finding better examples of each later). Then there's different versions of the promo cards... bleh!

All listed cards will be those available in North America, unless otherwise noted. For a fairly comprehensive listing see Jeff Allender's House Of Checklists! - Lord of the Rings Movie Cards

#P1 #P2 #P3 Promo Cards #P1, P2 & P3 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 North American Prismatic Foil Cards #1 of 10 - Gimli, 2 of 10 - Saruman, 3 of 10 - Frodo, 4 of 10 - Lurtz, 5 of 10 - The Witch King, 6 of 10 - Boromir, 7 of 10 - Elrond, 8 of 10 - Lurtz, 9 of 10 - Ringwraiths, 10 of 10 - Orc Attack
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 European Special Foil Cards #1 of 10 - Gimli, 2 of 10 - Saruman, 3 of 10 - Frodo, 4 of 10 - Lurtz, 5 of 10 - The Witch King, 6 of 10 - Boromir, 7 of 10 - Elrond, 8 of 10 - Lurtz, 9 of 10 - Ringwraiths, 10 of 10 - Orc Attack
#1 #2 Bonus Foil Cards/Boxtoppers #1 of 2, 2 of 2 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Sticker Cards - Retail Box #1 of 10 - Bilbo, 2 of 10 - Boromir, 3 of 10 - Frodo, 4 of 10 - Gandalf, 5 of 10 - Gimli, 6 of 10 - Legolas, 7 of 10 - Aragorn, 8 of 10 - Gandalf, 9 of 10 - Arwen, 10 of 10 - Frodo & Sam   The back of the 1 to 9 stickers form a picture puzzle, and #10 has a picture of the completed puzzle on the back.
#binder Collector's Storage Album/Binder #ss Dealer/Advertising Sell Sheet The Legend Comes to Life Saruman Legolas Merry Elrond Autograph Cards - Retail Box Christopher Lee as Saruman, Orlando Bloom as Legolas, Dominic Monaghan as Merry, Hugo Weaving as Elrond
Sam Galadriel Pippin Bilbo Gandalf Aragorn Arwen Frodo Gimli Autograph Cards - Hobby Box Sean Astin as Sam, Cate Blanchett as Galadriel, Billy Boyd as Pippin, Sir Ian Holm as Bilbo, Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf, Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, Liv Tyler as Arwen, Elijah Wood as Frodo & John Rhys-Davies as Gimli Boromir Autograph Card - UK Hobby Box Sean Bean as Boromir
#31. The Legend Comes to Life
#32. Gandalf
#33. Bilbo
#44. Frodo
#55. Sam
#66. Merry
#77. Pippin
#88. Aragorn
#99. Arwen
#1010. Boromir
#1111. Elrond
#1212. Legolas
#1313. Gimli
#1414. Galadriel
#1515. Celeborn
#1616. Saruman
#1717. Lurtz
#1818. The Witch King
#1919. Arriving in Hobbiton
#2020. A Heartfelt Reunion
#2121. Bag End
#2222. Hobbit Celebration
#2323. Bilbo's Big Night
#2424. Trick or Treat?
#2525. Happy Birthday, Bilbo!
#2626. The Big Surprise
#2727. Confronting Bilbo
#2828. Secret of the Ring
#2929. Dark Legacy
#3030. The Quest Begins
#3131. The Lord of Isengard
#3232. Battle of the Wizards
#3333. Hobbit Friends Reunited
#3434. The Ringwraith
#3535. The Hobbits Take Cover
#1836. Escaping Death's Clutches
#3737. Inn of the Prancing Pony
#3838. Temptation
#3939. Confronting Strider
#4040. Death of the Gatekeeper
#4141. Eluding the Ringwraiths
#4242. A Treacherous Trek
#4343. Facing the Dark Riders
#4444. Caught by the Ringwraiths
#4545. The Flame and the Sword
#4646. Strider Attacks
#4747. Vision of the Witch King
#4848. Frodo Stricken!
#4949. Caverns of Horror
#5050. Birthing of an Uruk-Hai
#5151. Trollshaw Forest
#5252. The Arrival of Arwen
#5353. An Angel of Mercy
#5454. Ringwraith Attack
#5555. Reunited with Bilbo
#5656. Elrond of Rivendell
#5757. Dissent in the Council
#5858. The Ringbearer's Move
#5959. The Fellowship of Nine
#6060. A Hobbit's Fate
#6161. The Coming of Lurtz
#6262. A New Breed of Orc
#6363. The Pass of Caradhras
#6464. Speak Friend and Enter
#6565. Remembering the Way
#6666. Inside Balin's Tomb
#6767. Fool of a Took!
#6868. Drums of the Enemy
#6969. The Fellowship Battles
#7070. Frodo's Fight for Life
#7171. The Balrog of Morgoth
#7272. Escape to Lothlorien
#7373. Toward New Adventure
#7474. Pledged to the Cause
#7575. The Uruk-Hai Attack
#7676. The Might of a Dwarf
#7777. The Battle of Amon-Hen
#7878. The Horn of Gondor
#7979. Army of the Damned
#8080. Destiny of the Hobbits
#8181. The Uruks Fall
#8282. Of Magic and Make-up
#8383. On the Dark Side
#8484. Christopher Lee, Prince of Darkness
#8585. Bringing Bad End to Life
#8686. A Most Enchanting Subject
#8787. Monsters, Monsters Everywhere
#8888. A Rigorous Adventure
#8989. The Director's Vision
#9090. Checklist
Complete 90-card Set, Promo card (#P1 - Error card - makes reference to discontinued 'Heat-sensitive' cards), European 'Special' Foil Cards Gimli (1 of 10), Elrond (7 of 10), Lurtz (8 of 10), Ringwraiths (9 of 10) x2 & Orc Attack (10 of 10) x2

Base cards #1, 2 (x6), 3 (x2), 4 (x2), 5 (x6), 6 (x6), 7 (x4), 8 (x3), 9 (x4), 10 (x5), 11 (x3), 14, 15 (x2), 16 (x2), 18, 20, 22 (x2), 23 (x3), 24, 26 (x2), 28 (x2), 29 (x2), 30 (x3), 32 (x3), 34 (x2), 35 (x2), 36 (x2), 38, 40, 41, 42 (x2), 44 (x2), 45 (x2), 46 (x3), 50 (x3), 51 (x3), 54, 55 (x3), 56 (x4), 57 (x2), 58 (x3), 59 (x2), 60 (x3), 64 (x2), 65 (x3), 69 (x3), 71, 73, 75 (x3), 76, 77 (x3), 78, 79, 80, 81 (x3), 83, 85, 88 (x2), 89 (x2)

Promo card #P3, Sticker card Bilbo (1 of 10), North American Prismatic Foil Cards Frodo (3 of 10) & Lurtz (4 of 10), European 'Special' Foil Card Boromir (6 of 10), Any of the Autograph Cards (particularly Orlando Bloom) except Elijah Wood, Both Boxtoppers

Base cards #25 (x2), 52 (x2) & 53

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X-Men The Movie Trading Cards

X-Men The Movie Cards - Topps, 2000


Topps Checklist

There were hobby and retail boxes released for this series. The retail versions had 24 packs of 8 cards, clear cling stickers and X-Foil cards. The hobby versions had 36 packs of 8 cards, double-sided chromium cards, movie memorabilia costume cards and autograph cards.

This series of cards has got to have the worst sorting/collation I've ever seen. Out of the three boxes I have purchased (one hobby, two retail) I now have over 150 remaining singles, including 5 and 6's of many individual cards. And I only made out with one full deck out of my last retail box, another deck missing one card (#54), and the last deck missing a bunch. I already had a huge pile of singles from this series, and I only bought the last box hoping to complete some sets. So much for that. I still have a huge pile of singles. Yuck! I've never seen any other card set like this. X-Men singles anyone?

#0 #X1 #X2 #X3 #X4 Promo Cards #0. Mutants Among Us (Exclusive Titan A.E Give-Away), X1. Wolverine, X2. Cyclops, X3. Storm & X4. Magneto #C1 #C2 #C3 #C4 #C5 #C6 #C7 #C8 #C9 #C10 Double-Sided Chromium Cards - Hobby Box #C1. Professor X (back), C2. Cyclops (back), C3. Jean Grey (back), C4. Storm (back), C5. Wolverine (back), C6. Rogue (back), C7. Magneto (back), C8. Mystique (back), C9. Sabretooth (back) & C10. Toad (back)
#wolvcost #cyclcost #stormcost #jeancost Movie Memorabilia - Hobby Box Wolverine's Costume, Cyclops' Costume, Storm's Costume, Jean Grey's Costume #Auto - Bruce Davison #prod #wolv #jean #sabre #cycl #magn #proddes #direct #xavier Autograph Cards - Hobby Box Bruce Davison as Senator Kelly, Lauren Shuler Donner (Producer), Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Famke Janssen as Jean Grey, Tyler Mane as Sabretooth, James Marsden as Cyclops, Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto, John Myhre (Production Designer), Bryan Singer (Director) and Patrick Stewart as Professor X
#CL1 #CL2 #CL3 #CL4 #CL5 #CL6 #CL7 #CL8 #CL9 #CL10 #CL11 #CL12 Clear Cling/Sticker Cards - Retail Box #CL1. Cyclops (Photo), CL2. Jean Grey (Photo), CL3. Storm (Photo), CL4. Wolverine (Photo), CL5. Cyclops (Art), CL6. Wolverine (Art), CL7. Magneto (Photo), CL8. Mystique (Photo), CL9. Sabretooth (Photo), CL10. Toad (Photo), CL11. Toad (Art), CL12. Magneto (Art)   The backs of #CL1 to CL6 form a picture puzzle, as do CL7 to CL12. #rogue #myst #toad Autograph Cards - Special Offers Anna Paquin as Rogue, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as Mystique, Ray Park as Toad - See Jeff Allender's House Of Checklists! - X-Men The Movie for more information.
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 X-Foil Cards - Retail Box #1 of 10 - Professor X, 2 of 10 - Cyclops, 3 of 10 - Jean Grey, 4 of 10 - Storm, 5 of 10 - Wolverine, 6 of 10 - Rogue, 7 of 10 - Magneto, 8 of 10 - Mystique, 9 of 10 - Sabretooth & 10 of 10 - Toad #post Advertising Poster - Hobby Box #ss Dealer/Advertising Sell Sheet


#11. X-Men The Movie
#22. Professor X
#33. Magneto
#44. Jean Grey
#55. Cyclops
#66. Wolverine
#77. Sabretooth
#28. Rogue
#99. Storm
#1010. Mystique
#1111. Senator Kelly
#1212. Toad

The Story

#1313. The Nazi Trauma
#1414. Love Can Kill
#1515. Are Mutants Dangerous?
#1616. Two Old Friends
#1717. A Bout With Wolverine
#1818. The Feral Fury
#1919. A Gun Against Wolverine
#2020. Adamantium Attack!
#2121. Two For The Road
#2222. Sabretooth Terror!
#2323. Primal Combatants
#2424. Snow Titans
#2525. Unexpected Rescue
#2626. Kelly's Crusade
#2727. The Awakening
#2828. Inside X Headquarters
#2929. The World of "X"
#3030. Xavier's Offer
#3131. The Capture of Kelly
#3232. Inside Story
#3333. Facing Magneto
#3434. Magneto's Mad Plan
#3535. The Senator Transformed
#1836. Logan's Dream
#3737. Absorbing His Power
#3838. Kelly's Escape
#3939. Mutant Misjudgment
#4040. What's Wrong With Kelly?
#4141. Kindred Spirits
#4242. Surprised by a Monster
#4343. Terminal Mayhem
#4444. Thrashed by the Enemy
#4545. Unscheduled Stop
#4646. Invading a Train
#4747. Three The Hard Way
#4848. Saved By Psychic Power
#4949. Death of a Mutant
#5050. It's Up to Team X
#5151. Assault on Liberty Island
#5252. Dr. Grey's Gamble
#5353. Hero's on the Scene
#5454. Psychic Slugfest
#5555. Burning it Off
#5656. Deadly Deception
#5757. Good vs. Evil
#5858. The Tables Turned
#5959. Power Against Power
#6060. Sacrificing Rogue
#6161. The Final Struggle
#6262. Destroying the Machine
#6363. Toward Tomorrow

Behind the Scenes

#6464. Fantastic Epic
#6565. Action And Drama
#6666. Logan's Fun
#6767. Set Pieces
#6868. Mutant Perils
#6969. Girl Power
#7070. Mad Machinery
#7171. The Challenge
#7272. Checklist
Complete 72-card Set, X-Foil #5 of 10 - Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Sticker Cards #CL3. Halle Berry as Storm, CL8. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as Mystique & CL10. Ray Park as Toad, Advertising Poster (Retail Box)

Base cards #1, 2 (x3), 4 (x5), 5 (x3), 6 (x3), 7 (x3), 8 (x6), 9 (x3), 11 (x5), 14, 16, 17 (x4), 18 (x6), 19 (x5), 20 (x3), 21 (x2), 23 (x5), 24 (x3), 25, 26, 28 (x7), 29, 30, 31 (x2), 32 (x3), 33 (x5), 34, 35 (x6), 37 (x3), 38, 39 (x3), 40 (x2), 42 (x3), 44, 45 (x3), 46 (x2), 47 (x3), 48 (x2), 49 (x3), 50 (x7), 51 (x5), 52, 53 (x2), 56 (x3), 57 (x3), 58 (x2), 59 (x3), 61 (x5), 62 (x4), 64 (x4), 66 (x4), 67 (x3), 69 (x2), 70 (x3)

Any of the Promo Cards, Hugh Jackman Autograph Card, sticker/cc cards #CL11 Sabretooth, X-Foil cards 2 of 10 - Cyclops, 6 of 10 - Rogue, 9 of 10 - Sabretooth & 10 of 10 - Toad, Chromium cards #C1, C3, C4, C5, C7, C8, C9 & C10

Base cards #12, 13, 27, 36, 54, 71 & 72

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Red Dwarf Preview Set
Red Dwarf North American Preview Set - Rittenhouse, 2002

Rittenhouse Checklist

This set was slated as a limited edition North American release. Considering that Rittenhouse still has sets available on their site I doubt that there is going to be anything to follow. But who knows.... Maybe after the movie is finally produced they'll start more North American releases. Although, the film isn't even supposed to begin shooting until May of 2004. *whine* I'd really love to get the Red Dwarf Futera Platinum set, but it's so expensive.

#1 - Crew1. Crew
#2 - Lister2. Lister
#3 - Rimmer3. Rimmer
#4 - Cat4. Cat
#5 - Kryten5. Kryten
#6 - Holly6. Holly
#7 - Kochanski7. Kochanski
#8 - Red Dwarf8. Red Dwarf
#9 - Starbug9. Starbug

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